Highlights of 8/18/16 school board meeting

SMART goals set for 2016-2017 school year
All-day kindergarten leads to increased student growth
A “new look” for MHS lobby
If you haven’t read Mindset yet, it’s worth your time

Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

Here are the highlights from the August 18, 2016 school board meeting:

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SMART Goals set for 2016-2017 school year

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Every year, the Milford school district develops SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals for the upcoming year. This year, administrators also revisited our Core Beliefs to make sure they were in line with our annual goals. Continue reading

All-day kindergarten leads to increased student growth

Following implementation of a tuition-based full-day kindergarten option last year, Dr. Jill Chin, Milford’s Director of Primary Curriculum, conducted an evaluation of the academic and developmental results of the program. These results indicate a full-day program led to higher achievement, particularly for disadvantaged and low-income children; and the opportunity for students to spend more time in small group activities, one-on-one activities, and self-initiated learning activities, leading to greater progress in social skills and a reinforcement of positive social behaviors. Continue reading

If you haven’t read Mindset yet, it’s worth your time

MindsetAbout a year ago, I published a post on a book by Dr. Carol Dweck entitled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. This year, our leadership team at the Indian Hill School District, where I am employed as Director of Communications, opened our professional development program with a visit to the Mindset concepts as we were asked to evaluate how we approach different aspects of our job and our life. Continue reading

Highlights of 6/16/16 school board meeting

Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

It’s summer, and this month’s board meeting reflected that – board business is generally routine in the summer months. However, we had a couple of pieces of great news, including teacher DeAnn O’Toole being recognized (bullet 1); the first cohort of the 6th grade advanced math program is reaching senior year (bullet 5); and the Success Academy was approached by KnowledgeWorks for a grant (bullet 6).

I will not be at the July board meeting; it’s vacation month, and the meeting was moved to the second Thursday to accommodate the majority of board members’ schedules.

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Highlights from 5/19/16 and 4/21/16 school board meetings

Congratulations, Nancy House, Milford’s next superintendent!
Honoring Dr. Farrell
Students say goodbye to current Seipelt and Boyd buildings
Five-year forecast continues to look strong
Construction update from mid-May 2016
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

Following are the highlights from both the April and May meetings, since I was not able to publish a summary in April. Continue reading