Highlights from 9/19/13 school board meeting

The following are highlights from the September 19, 2013 school board meeting:

It’s election time again
Milford continues on path of academic excellence
SMART goals for 2013-14
New turf is welcomed by teams, students & community
New elementaries are on their way
Ideas for Milford Main are welcomed

  • The district accepted donations from Milford Christian Church of school supplies for each grade level/each school.  This has become an annual donation that greatly helps many students and teachers in the Milford school district.  Thank you to Karen Tracy and Stacy McWhorter for this wonderful program!
  • The district is on track financially for this fiscal year.  There are always more expenditures at the beginning of the year, as curriculum is purchased and other year-long purchases are made.
  • The board approved a resolution authorizing the district to advertise for bids for an Architect, Engineer and Construction Manager at Risk for the new construction project of the two elementaries.  Story is here.
  • The district has recognized the Milford Lacrosse Club as a school-sponsored club sport.  This allows them to compete in a different league, but does not cost the district anything.  In fact, the MLC will pay rental fees for the new football field when they use it for practices or games.
  • This year’s House Bill 59 included a big change for students who do not go to public schools.  Under the new law, districts must allow non-public students to participate in extracurricular activities at the district.  These include homeschooled students and those attending a chartered or non-chartered public school.  Students must meet the same eligibility requirements as public school students.

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