SMART goals for 2013-14

SMART goals are annual stretch goals:  if achieved, they would take the district to a significantly higher level.

This year’s SMART goals are below.  Dr. Farrell and the administrative staff believe these are achievable based on specific opportunity areas they have been able to identify.  This year’s goals will also be helped by the additional pre-testing all districts are doing to be able to evaluate if they are meeting state student achievement requirements.  The testing will help us determine precisely where each student is at the beginning of the year, allowing teachers to focus on individual needs to achieve more than a year’s growth over the school year.

MEVSD 2013-14 SMART Goals

  1. The district will improve achievement for all students by the end of the 2013-2014 school year.  We will target the goal of exceeding more than a year’s growth in student achievement in a year’s time for every student.We will improve student achievement by:*  Implementing pedagogy to meet the new learning standards and implement the aligned local curricula.
    *  Planning instruction for all students based on their pre-assessment data and intervening with all students as needed.We will measure student achievement in a variety of ways.  They include the following growth targets:

    *  Our Performance Index for the state assessments will improve to 107.

    *  All of our students in all groups will meet Annual Measurable Objectives as determined by the state of Ohio.

    *  Students in grades k-8 taking MAP and Pro-Core assessments will demonstrate more than a year’s growth in achievement in a year’s time.

    *  Students in grades 9-12 taking the ACT suite of tests that include the “Explore,” Plan” and “ACT” will demonstrate more than a year’s growth in a year’s time.

    *  Maintain current high numbers of students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes and increase passage rate to 76%.

  2. The district will increase writing opportunities for all students to align with new local curricula across the curriculum by the end of the 2013-2014 school year.*  100% of k-5 students will meet grade level standards in reading and writing through the Ready Gen program.*  100% of grades 6-12 students will score at the proficient level on the district-created rubric for expository and argumentative writing, focusing specifically on ELA and social studies.

    *  100% of students in grades 6-12 will write an expository or argumentative essay in science that will be scored using the district rubric.


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