Highlights from 12/19/13 school board meeting

Calendar changes for 2014-15 coming in January
Milford and partners awarded Straight A Fund grant
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

  • Milford High School was recognized on the Fourth Annual Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Roll, which is sponsored by the College Board.  We are one of 477 schools in the U.S. and Canada to be named to the Honor Roll, and one of only 37 districts out of over 600 in the state to receive this honor.  Districts are named to the Honor Roll for increase access to AP coursework while also increasing the percent of students earning a three or higher on the tests.  This means that not only are more students taking the tests, but they are successful in earning college credit at many colleges for their scores.  Success in AP classes is an early indicator of success in college.  Congratulations to our students and staff!
  • The district’s financials continue on track.
  • A $1,000 donation was received from Melisa and Dave Fossier or the Natalie Fossier Memorial for the Anti-Bullying Program at the high school.  Thank you for your generous support!
  • The board approved new policies regarding tobacco and nicotine use by students and also on district property in general.  Any type of nicotine product, as well as items that are “look alikes” and may not contain nicotine (such as vapor pens) is not permitted.  In addition, smoking and nicotine are not permitted on any part of district property.  This is a change from the previous policy, that set aside a designated smoking area.
  • Jeff Johnson, Operations Manager, reports the district has completed the team to move forward with construction of the Boyd E. Smith and Seipelt Elementary construction project.  SHP will be our architect, as announced last month.  This month, we have approved our construction manager and commissioning agent.  We will be working with Turner Construction and Four Seasons Environmental in these roles.  We have worked with both organizations in the past, and had highly successful relationships.  We are excited about this team, and in conjunction with Mr. Johnson, expect the building process to be efficient, effective, and as successful as the high school renovation process was a few years ago.  Board member George Lucas, who serves on the Buildings and Grounds committee, praised not only the companies chosen to do the work, but also Mr. Johnson:  “How many districts have someone with Jeff’s capabilities on board?” he asked.  “Not many.  That’s part of how we were successful in the last project, and it should help in this project.”
  • Milford’s Nutrition Services department was approved to participate in the “Cook for America” program sponsored by Interact for Health.  This is a grant to train our cooks to cook for the large number of students they serve from scratch, starting with raw food.  The goal is to continue to improve our ability to deliver high quality food that meets federal and state regulations, that kids also enjoy eating.  We will be participating with the Norwood and Erlanger Elsmere Independent school districts.  I am particularly excited about this opportunity as I would like to see the district provide as much freshly-prepared food as possible.
  • The school board said goodbye to Debbie Marques, whose term ends on December 31.  Debbie has served on the board for the past eight years, through some tumultuous times.  She has seen and contributed to many changes over those years, and leaves the school district a much better place than when she joined the board.  Thank you for your service, Debbie!

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