Early release days eliminated to make up instructional time

Due to the harsh weather, Milford students have already missed seven days of school this winter.  While two of these days have been “made up” through online work (“Blizzard Bags”), this cannot take the place of what students learn in the classroom with a teacher.

Because of the lost instructional time, the school board voted this afternoon to eliminate the early dismissals for the rest of the 2013-14 school year. These days are: 2/7, 3/21, 4/11 & 5/9. These days have now become full school days and are providing an additional 6 hours of instructional time, which is almost a full day of school.  Continue reading


Highlights from 1/23/14 school board meeting

Dr. Farrell to stay another two years
District will seek community input on Milford Main
New courses offered at Milford High School next year
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

The following are the highlights from the January 23, 2014 school board meeting:

  • The district received the Ohio Auditor of State Award for last year for having a completely “clean” audit – the first one anyone can remember.  This is a tremendous accomplishment by our Finance Department, led by Treasurer Debbie Caudle.  Congratulations on your hard work! Continue reading

Dr. Farrell to stay another two years

Dr. Robert Farrell, who joined the Milford School District in 2007, was expecting to retire when his contract ended this summer.  However, after reconsidering his desires and long-term plans, he has decided to stay with us an extra two years, until the summer of 2016! Continue reading

District will seek community input on Milford Main

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) presented its final report on Milford Main to the Board of Education.  The BAC has been working over the past year and a half to talk with stakeholders, potential buyers/developers, construction companies, and others to gather information about the state of the building and its potential for various other uses.

Based on what the building can generate in income and what it costs for everyday operation expenses, the building is currently “plus a dollar, minus a dollar” every year in terms of breaking even.  Continue reading

New courses offered at Milford High School next year

We are excited to be offering a number of new courses at Milford High School next year.  Some of these are due to the Science Curriculum Revision that took place this year; others are adjustments or additions to meet evolving student needs.

New classes are as follows, with detailed descriptions in the course guide, which will be available shortly. Continue reading