Dr. Farrell to stay another two years

Dr. Robert Farrell, who joined the Milford School District in 2007, was expecting to retire when his contract ended this summer.  However, after reconsidering his desires and long-term plans, he has decided to stay with us an extra two years, until the summer of 2016!

Dr. Farrell has brought a tremendous amount to this district.  His educational leadership has been a huge benefit to our students and staff, as has his fiscal conservativeness and collaborative approach to working with administrators, staff and the community.  We are lucky to have such a talented and dedicated superintendent in Milford, and the board is very thankful to him for agreeing to stay.

We have no doubt Milford will continue to grow in academics and all-around success with Dr. Farrell staying at the helm for another two years.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Farrell to stay another two years

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  2. I think that’s great. Dr. Farrell is not only a top shelf administrator, he’s a great human being. It is apparent that his actions are always with the kids’ best interest in mind. He is a blessing to Milford and has done a tremendous job in working with the BOE to bring Milford back to a more sustainable financial situation.

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