Extracurricular Update April 2014

Key Club had a successful fundraiser at Orange Leaf, as they donated $221 to the Children’s Hospital Cardiac Unit. The group also collected over 100 cell phones to donate to Go Bananas at the Cincinnati Zoo to help protect the gorillas. They recently raised over $1600 for A Soldier’s Child, an organization serving the children of fallen military personnel.

The New Voices program was presented as a model of Service Learning at the 25th Annual National Service Learning Convention. Janelle Schunk traveled to DC with two students, Britni Toms and Maggie Engleman, to present Milford’s program. In front of an international audience, the presentation was a huge success. New Voices also participated in the 26th Annual Global Day of Service on 4/12.

The winter drum line recently competed in the WGI World Championships held in Dayton, OH. The group was selected to play for semi-finals which placed them in the top 32 in their class. Erin Gottsacker, a senior, recently performed in the Ohio Music Education Association’s All-State Honor Band. She was also selected first chair, ranking her as the top high school clarinetist in Ohio.

MMT Drug-Free Coalition Spring activities are wrapping up and have seen a lot of interest. Student ideas for new activities are being considered for the next school year! It’s a great way for our students to get involved!

The spring season is in full bloom…come out and support our student activities!


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