Athletic Update May 15, 2014

This month’s report has two sections:  a Congratulations to the 2014 Varsity Softball Team & a Report on Sportsmanship.

Congratulations, 2014 Varsity Softball Team!

These are the comments presented by Activities Director Mark Trout:

Milford has a rich history of outstanding accomplishments in women’s athletics.  An interesting tidbit of that history: according to Promont sources, early records of women’s sports from 1932 indicate the Milford girl’s teams were called the “Owls” and the school colors were green/white. School colors were changed to blue/white just prior to the current red/white. Known records do not indicate definitively when we came to be known as the “Eagles” and when the red and white colors were officially adopted!

Some (of numerous) notable women’s sports accomplishments:

  • The first-ever recorded women’s league champion was track/field in 1923
  • Tammy McCallum is the only individual state champion in the modern era: 1991 for shot put
  • Girls Soccer won their first league championship in school history in 1989 and has won 5 of the last 6 league championships for a total of 8 (most in girls sports)
  • Girls Basketball went to the Final 4 in 1993
  • Girls Softball went to the Final 4 in 2004
  • Girls Golf won their first league championship in school history in 2007 and have won last 2 in row in 2012 and 2013
  • Girls Swim/Dive won their first league championship in school history in 2010

We are here tonight because your 2014 varsity Girls Softball squad joins this prestigious list of historical accomplishments in Milford women’s sports.  While there have been other league champions in a variety of other sports, until this season, Fastpitch Softball has never won a conference title for their school.  They join our celebrated list for future generations as the “first” to achieve what we all hope becomes a regular yearly occurrence of dominant success in league play.

Let’s meet the team and coaches, starting with their one senior and noting they consistently played 6 freshmen on varsity squad…your 2014 Varsity SB Team:

  • Kayla Gregory
  • Kelly Noll
  • Hannah Huffer
  • Alexis Foster
  • Shelby Kirk
  • Katelyn Rheude
  • Devon Johnson
  • Madison Flynn
  • Amanda Zanola
  • Hannah White
  • Alainna Henning
  • Hannah Meenach
  • Kelsey Seitz
  • Olivia Kabel
  • Valerie Thompson
  • Kelly Carraro

And our coaches, Christy Gregory and Tim Gregory.

Ladies, congratulations on your 11-1 ECC championship season, the first for softball in school history, and we wish you all the best in the years to come.  Thank you!


Report on Sportsmanship

Activities Director Mark Trout received an unusual email after the May 9 Track & Field event … usually complaints are lodged through the OHSAA, but this was a little different.  While the report called out student Eli Rizzo for “sportsmanship,” it was for his supportive efforts of competitors – on the other team!

Read below for the details:

Contest Details: Varsity Boys Track and Field @ Mason High School (5/9/2014 8:45:00 PM GMT)

Report is regarding: Sportsmanship

Reported Person(s): Eli Rizzo (Player)

Details: During the running of the boys 3200 relay, Eli showed great sportsmanship. An opponent ahead of him lost his glasses on the track. Eli stopped, went back, and retrieved the eye glasses before they were crushed by other runners. Eli then continued on to the finish line, stopped, handed the glasses to their owner, and he continued on for his final lap. Eli placed another athlete before himself and modeled true sportsmanship to all runners, coaches, and the attending fans.

Great job, Eli!



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