MHS track named “Bill Marran track”

At the May 15, 2014 board meeting, the Milford BOE was proud to recognize Bill Marran, 31-year teacher and 50-year track coach, for his years of service.  As Bill was recognized, he also received a big surprise:  the board approved a resolution naming the high school track after him, making it the Bill Marran track.  Bill has coached an estimated 1,850 boys and 650 girls during his tenure as a coach!

These are the comments Activities Director Mark Trout made when announcing the MHS track will become the Bill Marran track.  At the end of the comments is the resolution passed by the board.

Bill Marran has coached at Milford since 1963. Fifty years. This is his 50th consecutive season of coaching track with a specialty of hurdlers/sprinters. He has also coached football and basketball at Milford for many years.

Some stats and highlights:

  • 52 years coaching total – 50 at Milford in track/basketball/football – 2 at CNE
  • Bill has coached approx. 1,500 track athletes (just in track – not including other sports)
  • He has coached 16 State Qualifiers in Track: 12 boys and 4 girls
  • He’s been the Head Boys Track Coach for 7 years
  • His Highest Finish = 2nd place in the GMC (1990-91)
  • Bill was also a Milford teacher for 31 years (33 years total teaching service)

Bill was inducted into the Milford Athletic Boosters Club Hall of Fame: Class of 2007

As person, I don’t think Bill has ever met a stranger. He enjoys the art of conversation. My favorite Bill story – everyone has one – it’s the Junior High basketball season, in the early to mid ‘90’s. I’m coaching 7th grade.  Bill is the assistant to Jim Panko for the 8th grade team. At halftime, it’s my job to watch clock; Jim comes out to the court, but no Bill or team. “Bill is talking to the squad,” Jim says.  We wait. Chat. Wait. At about bout 30 seconds to spare, the team comes running out with Bill still talking in the ear of the last kid in line. I was concerned about the team getting out to take the floor on time; Bill was concerned about teaching kids how to play the game. Probably a happy medium in there somewhere, but Bill is consummate teacher. He’s always instructing. He’s always such a joy to be around.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to Bill for 50 years of service to our district and most importantly, to our kids. On behalf of the EAC, I am thrilled to recommend to the Superintendent and Board of Education that the MEVSD track be officially named the “Bill Marran Track” in honor of Coach Marran’s extraordinary dedication and commitment to coaching in the Milford Athletic Program.

Thank you!

This is the Resolution read by Gary Knepp and unanimously approved by the board:

Whereas Bill Marran has been a valued employee of the Milford Exempted Village School District for 50 years – 31 as a teacher and 50 years as a coach;

Whereas Bill Marran has coached an estimated 1,850 boys and 650 girls during his tenure as a track coach at Milford;

Whereas Bill Marran has coached twelve boys and four girls who were state qualifiers in track;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Milford Board of Education, in recognition of Bill Marran’s half-century of exemplary service to our student athletes, does hereby name the Milford High School track – the Bill Marran track.


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