Highlights from 6/19/14 school board meeting

District evaluates required testing
Credit Flex provides unique option for some students

Here are the highlights from last week’s board meeting.  There are no athletic or extracurricular reports during the summer.

  • Last month, we recognized MJHS seventh graders for “Paying It Forward” this spring. Now, we’d like to extend a formal “Thank You!” to the bus drivers who very generously gave of their time to drive these students around. They are (in alphabetical order): Sandra Coyle, Dean Hamilton, Pam Light, Rachel Light, John Rettig, Rhonda Robinson, Kym Salas, Libby Sheehy, Renee Tucker, and Mindy Wilson.
  • The school board approved new science materials to be used starting in the 2014-15 school year. In the younger grades, the National Geographic program was chosen as it is very interactive and provides lots of great exercises and other options to engage children. One of the best features is having our own National Geographic Scientist, who will come out to work with children and present on different topics!
  • The construction projects are on time with work progressing smoothly. Classroom design is ongoing, as are surveying needs. A test of geothermal potential is being conducted to see if this is a viable option. A public forum will be held probably in early September to update the community about where we are with the two new elementary schools.
  • Food Services reports meal sales overall are steady. The district has a unique model where we service not only Milford, but a number of other schools as well. This allows us to truly cover our costs – not only the direct costs, which is what most schools look at, but indirect costs such as custodial, utilities, administrative support, etc. This summer, Food Service personnel will be participating in the Cook for America program through a grant. They will learn more about cooking from scratch for large groups, which will help provide meals that taste better and are healthier for our children.

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