Turning good kids into good adults

A parent’s job is to raise his or her children to be adults who can go out in the world and find their own success.  Part of this is also helping our kids learn to be good adults – people who are honest, trustworthy, who support others, and who are able to raise their own children to be good & successful adults.

This Huffington Post article outlines 30 principles author John Simmons sees as key to helping raise good adults.  It was shared by one of our wonderful HS English teachers, Allison Willson.  Hope you enjoy it!


BOE approves sale of Milford Main

The Milford Board of Education approved the sale of Milford Main tonight to CMC Properties, the same company that developed the Riverwalk Flats apartments & condominiums in downtown Milford, as well as many properties in Greater Cincinnati.  Details on the sale can be found here. Continue reading