Highlights from 7/24/14 school board meeting

This was a fairly quiet month, outside of the sale of Milford Main (see first bullet below).  Here are the highlights from the July board meeting:

  • Dr. Farrell provided an update on the sale of Milford Main. The board voted on that sale July 3 at a special meeting. The special meeting was held simply because the developer, Jim Cohen of CMC Properties, wanted to move as quickly as possible.  He did not want to wait until the end of July before beginning his due diligence; he had an opportunity in his schedule to get moving and wanted to take advantage of that. While he has some ideas and presented some general concepts to the board, Jim is actively soliciting ideas for what to do with the building.  He asks that anyone who has an idea contact him at 739-7200 (his personal cell phone). He would like a one-page business plan on any idea that outlines the concept, how it will be funded, and how it will be managed for the long-term.
  • Treasurer Debbie Caudle provided an update on the district’s finances for last fiscal year. Due to increased tax revenues, an increase in the amount of catastrophic reimbursement, and some other unexpected revenue, the district was able to finish the year ahead of budget. This is great news, and provided there is no significant unexpected expense, ensures the district will be able to deliver the 4 years promised for the last operating levy.
  • The board adopted a Calamity Day Alternative Make-Up Plan, allowing Blizzard Bags to be used for up to three make-up days.  We also revised the 2014-15 calendar, adding three potential make-up days: May 28, 29 and June 1, 2015.  These days should not be needed given the change to hours, but the Blizzard Bag days and make-up days are precautions just in case we end up with another severe winter like last year.
  • A board committee for policy review has been working for over a year to revise all district policies. At the meeting, the full board was presented an overview of policy changes and given all new policies for review. The changes update our policies to reflect current law and also current district practices.
  • Construction of the two new elementary schools continues on schedule. We have now entered the Design/Development phase, where details on the design are worked out to ensure the project stays in budget. A public forum will be held in September to update the community on where we are, including things like colors, materials, and playgrounds. There is $25,000 for each school allocated from the state for playgrounds; as the process continues, the construction committee will work with the Seipelt PTA & Boyd PTO to determine what will be needed to supplement these funds.
  • The board approved paying Ed Pregitzer, a former DECA (marketing) teacher, from career education funds (no cost to the general fund) to develop business partnerships, student internships and shadowing experiences. This will be a good supplement to the Clermont Chamber’s Work Readiness Initiative and also the INTERAlliance technology program with which the district will participate in this year. We are working to find more opportunities for our students to gain exposure and experience with various careers before they leave Milford, to help put them on an appropriate path as early as possible.

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