Elementary building project on schedule; community forums in Sept.

The elementary school construction project is on schedule.  The project is expected to go out to bid in Feb/Mar 2015, with groundbreaking in May.  Construction will take about a year, meaning the building portion will be complete in May/June 2016.  Boyd will then be demolished and the exterior finished over the summer.  Both schools will be ready for school opening in August 2016.

Currently, we are hosting two forums in September to gain community input on the two new schools.  The Boyd forum will be held at Boyd on Wednesday, September 17 from 6:30-8 pm.  The Seipelt forum will be at Seipelt on Tuesday, September 23, also 6:30-8 pm.

The meeting will start with an update on the process.  Then community members who are interested will be asked for input.  We are now at the design phase, and there are several places where this can be a collaborative effort.

First is the interior theme.  We are hoping to choose a theme for the school – an example might be Continents.  Then the interior would be painted and named to tie in to this theme.

Another area is the playground.  We are allocated $25,000 for each playground from the state.  We will be looking for community input as to what should be done with those funds and how the playground should be developed.


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