2014 State Report Card shows continued growth

This year’s State Report Card is out, and the Milford school district continues to show growth on key performance indicators – congrats to all our students, teachers, staff and community members for their hard work and commitment to learning!

The first achievement indicator is the number of students who score at or above proficient on the various tests required by the state. There are 24 indicators, and Milford met all 24! We received an “A” for this indicator on the Report Card.

The Performance Index is the second indicator. This year, Milford scored 106.1, an all-time high. This index has grown steadily from 104.0 in 2009, a huge achievement, since it is very hard to move the PI significantly in one year. The PI is measured out of a total possible 120 points, giving us a score of 88.4% or “B” on the Report Card.

Other key areas are:

  • Indicators Met: A
  • Performance Index: B
  • Student Progress (Overall): A
  • Gifted: C
  • Lowest 20% Value-Added: B
  • Students With Disabilities: B
  • Closing Achievement Gap: B
  • 4-Year Graduate Rate 2013: A

Please note, a “C” on the Report Card actually means students in that group achieved a year of growth in a year’s time – so they are precisely on track. An “A” or “B” means students grew MORE than a year’s worth of growth, and so are ahead. While we certainly hope to increase our score of “C” for the Gifted population to an “A” or at least “B,” the grade of “C” means these students are on track and not losing any ground.

For more information on Milford’s Report Card results, please view this presentation by Dr. Jill Chin & Mrs. Nancy House:  2014 State Report Card PPT Sept 18


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