Milford Band & Choral Boosters to host Donation Day

On October 11 between 9 am and noon, you may have some musically-inclined HS students knocking on your door.  If you do, they are from the Milford Band or Choral programs, and they are looking for your help.

Many communities host what is often called “Tag Day,” a fundraising day where groups go door-to-door to ask for a donation to support their program.  The idea is that instead of selling wrapping paper, or candle, or magazines – which most people don’t want, are usually much expensive than they would be otherwise, and for which only a portion goes to the group – students instead ask for a small donation, 100% of which will benefit the students.  In Milford, this is going to be called “Donation Day,” and proceeds will benefit the Band & Choral Boosters.

If these dedicated – and talented – students knock on your door, please consider helping out with even a small donation.  Any little bit helps!

And if you don’t get a knock on the door but would like to help – great!  Please either visit, or send donations to the Milford Band Boosters (they promise to share with the Choral Boosters), PO Box 204, Milford, OH 45150.

All donations to these two 501(c)3 groups are 100% tax-deductible.


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