Highlights from 12/18/14 school board meeting

All-Day Kindergarten pilot program to be added next school year
Existing Seipelt land to be transferred to Miami Township

Happy Holidays!  Cards from Seipelt Students

I apologize for not yet having the Athletic & Extracurricular updates for this month:  my email apparently ate the file; I will upload them once school is back in session in early January.  In the meantime, here are the highlights from the 12/18/14 school board meeting:

  • The district’s financials continue on track. Treasurer Debbie Caudle estimates conservatively but realistically, and all district personnel work to keep spending in check.
  • Boyd E. Smith PTO donated $25,000 to the district to fund additions to their playground for the new construction. This is in addition to the $25,000 allocated from the state for the playground. Specifics of what the funds will purchase will be determined when it is time to install playground equipment.
  • Construction on the two new elementaries, Boyd & Seipelt, continue on schedule. The intial designs were over budget, and Jeff Johnson, Operations Manager, has worked diligently with the architect and design firm to identify reductions that allow the buildings to meet our needs but not exceed our funds. The single biggest change is the roofline over the cafeteria: previously, it was pitched, and now is a very low slope that looks like a flat roof.   Bids for the final design will go out in January 2015, and construction is expected to start in May.
  • SHP Leading Design presented interior concepts for the two schools. Boyd will use an earth-trees-growth theme, tying in with their wooded lot and theme, “The BESt Place to Grow.” Seipelt will continue with their “Soar at Seipelt” theme, focusing on the sky-soaring-inspirational learning. Colors will reflect these themes, but we will still be able to achieve efficiencies in materials and other purchases.
  • While there are more retirees each year than I can recognize here, I wanted to take this chance to thank one person who has helped shape our high school student experience, leading to higher graduation and performance rates. At the end of this school year, Associate Principal of the Ninth Grade Community, Ernie House, is retiring. Mr. House started our Ninth Grade Community, using the latest research on student transitions to high school. His efforts have led to greater success for our students, a huge gift to the district and all the students he has touched. We wish Mr. House luck & happiness in his retirement, and we look forward to what he might be doing next!

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