Existing Seipelt land to be transferred to Miami Township

SeipeltOn December 18, 2014, the Milford School Board approved a resolution authorizing transfer of the land where the current Seipelt Elementary sits to Miami Township. The Township may use the land for recreation purposes only. Trustee Karl Schultz and Administrator Larry Fronk attended the meeting to accept the transfer on behalf of Miami Township.

We are very excited that this 9 or so acres will become some form of park for our Miami Township residents. This land has been publicly owned for decades, and all board members echoed their satisfaction that it will be staying that way.

The Miami Township Trustees and Administrators take wonderful care of the land they own on behalf of the public. This new park will be a good “neighbor” for the homes in the Cromley area. The transfer will be official once construction is complete and the school district has removed the existing building.

Thank you, Miami Township!


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