Highlights from 2/19/15 school board meeting

Details on new state testing
Athletic Update February 2015
Extracurricular Update February 2015

Here are the highlights from the 2/19/15 school board meeting:

  • This year’s Financial Management classes, led by Mrs. Kathy Baugh, conducted a program through Magnified Giving, a Cincinnati-based non-profit that works to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy. Students learn how to research and evaluate non-profits, choosing a cause to support. They then raise a certain amount of money for that group, which is “magnified” by Magnified Giving through an additional $1,000 grant. Students chose Healthy Visions as the non-profit to support. Healthy Visions helps teens make better life decisions by providing teens the tools to move towards healthier relationships with themselves and others.
  • Milford High School is now certified to provide two service awards: the Jefferson Award for students completing 20-99 service hours in a calendar year; and the Presidential Service Award, for those completing 100 or more. This is part of a new focus on service learning and lifelong community service. The Milford graduation requirement of completing 20 service hours in the senior year has been eliminated starting next year. Instead, students will be encouraged to give of their time and talents every year, and service learning opportunities will be incorporated into the classroom when appropriate.
  • The Zach Strief Foundation generously donated almost $20,000 worth of fitness equipment – thank you, Zach and Foundation!
  • Construction is continuing on schedule. The design team has been working on the landscaping and continuing with final details before moving to construction phase this spring.
  • Flight Night is coming up March 12! This is the Athletic Boosters’ largest fundraiser. This year’s special guests are Johnny Bench and Doug Flynn, with Mo Egger serving as host. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased through the HS Athletic Office. Call 576-2208 for more info.

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