District seeking plans for Milford Main; cost to renovate is at least $7 million

For more information on how we got to where we are with Milford Main, click here.

Since the MEVSD once again has Milford Main in our sole possession, we are searching for options to sell the land and/or land w/building. The School Board is asking that any proposals for Milford Main, including a financial plan to make the proposal happen, be submitted to Dr. Farrell either through email or mail to 777 Garfield Ave, Milford, OH 45150.

Many people ask why we need a financial plan along with a proposal. There are lots of great ideas out there for options for the current building or the land itself. However, any of these take money to make them happen, and operating funds to keep them going. The school district’s focus must be on educating our students as best possible. We already operate almost 10% below the amount the average Ohio district spends per child – yet we are ranked in the top 9% in the state for performance. This is a huge achievement, and we must continue to focus the limited funds we have on education.

The District cannot function as a bank and loan companies or individuals funds to develop Milford Main, or invest in the property in any way. We must be fair to the taxpayers who fund our schools. They rely on us to use our money as efficiently for educational services as possible, so we come back to them for more support as infrequently as we can.

The District is also not a real estate developer: we are not experts who can determine how to renovate the building or develop plans for new buildings.

Because of these factors, we cannot work with people to flesh out and fund ideas; we must find a company/organization that has a plan with the financial backing to make it happen.

In 2002, as the District updated the Master Plan for District facilities, the State of Ohio assessed the building to determine cost to renovate/replace. At that time, renovation would have been $7 million; replacing the building would have been $10 million. Note: these are 2002 dollars, but this is the most recent number the District has.


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