Dr. Farrell named Educator of the Year; State of the Schools highlights successes

clermont_leader-59On March 10, MEVSD Superintendent Dr. Robert Farrell was honored at the Clermont County Salute to Leaders event as Educator of the Year. Dr. Farrell received this recognition based on recommendations from staff members, board members, and community members. He has brought so much to the district and helped improve academic success, achieve fiscal stability, build trust throughout the community, and much more.

The results of Dr. Farrell’s leadership are shown quite clearly in his annual State of the Schools address, presented at an annual event hosted by the Milford-Miami Township Chamber of Commerce and including Miami Township, the City of Milford, and Milford Schools.

In his presentation, Dr. Farrell highlighted how our academic performance has grown from an index of 100.8 in 2007-08 (which still earned us the rank of Excellent) to 106.1 in 2013-14 – a huge increase in a short amount of time and one that places us in the top 9% of districts throughout Ohio!

He explained our math acceleration program, which leads to more participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), the increase in scholarship dollars, Honors Diplomas and ACT scores achieved by our seniors, and much more.

He also touched on service hours and leadership at all levels; extracurricular options; and career education.

He touched on fiscal responsibility – we achieve such high results, yet we spend almost 10% less than the average Ohio district – construction updates, and the new full-day kindergarten option.

Even I, as a school board member who knows about all the great things going on in our district, was impressed when I saw all our achievements and offerings presented like this. We’ve come a long way, Milford, and we are continuing to increase our results and the opportunities we offer to our students.

To learn more & to see Dr. Farrell’s State of the Schools presentation, click here.


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