Highlights of 4/16/15 school board meeting

Do the right thing
The Main Event
1912 elementary teacher exam provides glimpse into the past
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Here are highlights from the 4/16/15 school board meeting: Continue reading

Do the right thing

A few months ago, the Governor announced a new plan for state funding. In the current system, there is a “formula” that is supposed to account for all the various factors determining how much money each school district should receive. The idea is that this new formula “fixes” state funding, which has been deemed unconstitutional and “broken” for years.

However, while the formula has been developed for several years now, many districts are still not receiving the amount they “should,” per the formula. Some districts, like Milford, were on a “cap” – although the formula said we should receive more money than we were receiving, we have been capped at an amount less than this. Other districts, on the “guarantee,” have been receiving more money than they should, based on the formula. Continue reading


The Main Event

by George A. Lucas, Member, Milford Board of Education

Milford Main Street School, built 1913, community icon, enduring years of faithful service to the education of Milford/Miami Township students. Many have speculated on the disposition of this community landmark since 2002 when the State of Ohio declared it an unacceptable educational facility. The two studies, over a ten year period, by the Business Advisory Council (BAC) concur with those State findings. The Ohio Schools Facility Commission (OSFC) declared Main unqualified for renovation and return to service not conducive with the Master Facilities Plan filed in 2000. The Board of Education (BOE) has attempted to balance the cost of operation to continue a useful purpose through leasing useable space. Unfortunately, for several years, Main has cost the district to remain in use. Continue reading

1912 elementary teacher exam provides an interesting glimpse into the past

Today, teachers complete a rigorous college curriculum that covers not only specific subjects they will be teaching, but also the pedagogy required to become a great teacher.

Did you ever wonder how things have changed over the years? If so, then take a look at these questions from a 1912 elementary teacher exam. Included are just two questions from a few categories. These were discovered by local historian Gary Knepp, also Vice President of the Milford BOE, while doing research. One thing is clear: teachers’ exams, then and now, are certainly challenging! Continue reading