1912 elementary teacher exam provides an interesting glimpse into the past

Today, teachers complete a rigorous college curriculum that covers not only specific subjects they will be teaching, but also the pedagogy required to become a great teacher.

Did you ever wonder how things have changed over the years? If so, then take a look at these questions from a 1912 elementary teacher exam. Included are just two questions from a few categories. These were discovered by local historian Gary Knepp, also Vice President of the Milford BOE, while doing research. One thing is clear: teachers’ exams, then and now, are certainly challenging!

Can you answer these questions???

1) What is mode? Define the modes. Define the six tenses.
2) Write the plural of each of the following nouns:  chaise, lens, veto, sole, two, fairy, staff, and gulf.

United States History
1) What caused the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton? Do you believe that Burr was a traitor to his country? Why
2) Name the states of the United States that have been admitted to the Union since the Civil War.

1) Write three short quotations from Shakespeare’s works, naming the work from which each is taken.
2) Who were the so-called “Lake School” poets? Mention an important poem by each.


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