Highlights of 4/16/15 school board meeting

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Extracurricular Update

Here are highlights from the 4/16/15 school board meeting:

  • The ceremonial ground breaking for the new Boyd E. Smith & Seipelt Elementaries will take place Wednesday, May 6. BES will be at 4:30 pm, Seipelt at 6 pm.
  • Both the Junior High and the High School had Science Olympiad teams this year for the first time, and both did exceptionally well – congrats to all who participated! These students are building important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills that they will be able to use all through their lives.
  • This year, the MHS senior class boasts three National Merit Finalists: Steven Hart, Andy Hall, and Andrew Reinhart. These three talented students scored in the top 1% of over 1.5 million students who take the PSAT test in their junior year. They now qualify for various scholarships from the National Merit organizations, corporations and universities. Congratulations!
  • The district’s fiscal year is coming to a close. While the books will officially close on June 30, all encumbrances had to be submitted to the Treasurer’s office by April 15. We will soon have a good idea of where we will end the year in relation to appropriations.
  • A new state budget proposal has been approved by the House. In this latest version, Milford will receive an additional $2.95 million over two years, which is an increase in funding of 7.5%. This is a reduction of a little over $1 million from the first proposal. We should know the final state funding status this summer.
  • The district is evaluating two video programs to help teachers improve their abilities and support students as well. Teachers will be able to film their lessons through a program that records the entire classroom. They can then work in groups to evaluate what went right, what went wrong in the lesson. This is one of the best proven ways to help teachers improve their teaching skills. These videos can also be used to support students in a variety of ways.
  • One of the two open Assistant Principal slots at the High School have been filled. Misty Goetz, currently Principal at Clermont Northeastern High School will be joining us beginning August 1. Misty has a proven track record and will bring lots of great skills to MHS. New Principal Josh Kauffman as well as the current MHS staff are excited to welcome Misty!

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