Career readiness program expanded to help students prepare for future

Ms. Liz Emmons is the counselor at Milford Schools who works specifically with career education. This year, she has worked to develop our first round of college & career readiness curriculum, which starts in Grade 6 and moves students through a program all the way through high school.

The goal is that MEVSD students will graduate prepared to be successful and independent members of our diverse society. We will help them move toward that goal by establishing the importance of a link between academics and learning experiences with real life after high school. This presentation provides more details on the program.

As an overview, the program has three levels: Career Exposure; Career Experiences; and Internships. We hope to allow students to see what a career is really like and gather more information, then actively participate in one or more areas of a career on-side; and ultimately, actually experience the career through an internship. This can be through a summer program, semester or full-year program.

Currently, there are two formal internship programs: one with Siemens, one with Mercy Health. Students also have the chance to seek out an internship opportunity with other companies.

For more information, contact Ms. Emmons at


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