District, Library to swap land

A few months ago, the Board of Education tasked the Business Advisory Council (BAC) with evaluating the relative value of trading a portion of the land in the Mulberry Elementary area owned by the school district for the land on which the current Milford Branch of the Clermont Public Library sits (on Rt. 131). At the May 21 meeting, Chris Hamm, Chair of the BAC, presented the BAC’s recommendation.

The BAC recommended the land swap as a beneficial arrangement for both the school district and the Library. The district will receive 2.186 acres with a 14,000 square foot, well-maintained building on it. The BAC says the mechanics of the building are good, the upgrades are recent, and the lot is new. Utilities in the current building are appr. $30,000/year.

The library would receive appr. 7 acres of land between Mulberry Elementary and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. This land is of no value to the district, as it is not needed for Mulberry and it is too far back for a retail location. However, it is extremely valuable for the Library, as they need the space to build a larger branch plus offices. The BAC also felt it would be beneficial for the Library – and both schools – to have the branch between these two schools.

One idea for the current Milford library branch is for the district to use it for a Central Administrative Office. The location is convenient to the largest population of students in the district, as well as being fairly central in the district. However, and I’d like to stress this – the Board and administration have not yet decided if this is the best use. We could use the building for another purpose, or even end up selling the property.

For right now, however, the BAC analysis shows the swap is beneficial for both parties. The Board entered a preliminary agreement for this swap; a formal survey of the Mulberry land will be completed, and then we will move to contract stage.

As we continue to evaluate how the 131 land will be used, we have asked the BAC to continue by analyzing the marketability and usage options for the Milford South building and its land. We will make a decision about next steps with both properties following that analysis.


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