Highlights from 5/21/14 school board meeting

Best of luck to Tim Ackermann!
District, Library to swap land
Five-year forecast looking solid for Milford Schools
Career readiness program expanded to help students prepare for future
Athletic Update May 21, 2015

Here are the highlights from the May 21, 2015 school board meeting:

  • The Milford Schools Foundation awarded $29,709.53 to Milford Schools teachers for a variety of curricular items and technology. Every year, the generosity of this group continues to amaze – thank you for all your hard work to support our teachers and students!
  • The Clermont County Educational Service Center (CCESC) has been renting space in Milford Main for the past few years for their autistic unit. With Main closing, the CCESC will now be renting the second floor (plus a small space on the first floor) of the Preschool building (Miami Elementary).
  • Transportation has been reinstated at a reduced budget for athletics and extracurricular activities for grades 7-12, starting with the 2015-16 school year. Services will mirror what groups have been doing for the past few years. For questions about what level of transportation will be provided for your specific group, please contact Mark Trout at trout_m@milfordschools.org.
  • We have congratulations going out to a number of people this month … We are very excited about all these personnel moves! While they are a lot – including a new high school principal next year (Josh Kauffman) with two new assistant principals and a new counselor – we believe we continue to have a strong administrative team across the district, and we will continue on Milford’s upward trajectory in both academics and support for our students’ future endeavors.
    • First, congrats to Adam Reed, currently Assistant Principal at the high school, who will become Associate Principal of the Ninth Grade Community. Adam follows Ernie House, who started the Community and is retiring this year. Best of luck to you both!
    • Second, congrats to both Kelli Ellison & Rob Dunn, who are actually switching principal positions! Kelli, currently Principal of the Junior High, and Rob, currently Principal of Meadowview Elementary, are trading buildings. Kelli has been interested in moving to the elementary level, and Rob has wanted to move back to the JH (he was an assistant principal there before he became Meadowview’s Principal). Both schools will be extremely happy with their new principals!
    • Third, congrats to Todd Wells, currently Assistant Principal at the JH, who will move to Coordinator of Special Education. This is where he was previously, and he has realized this is where his passion lies.
    • Fourth, congrats to Jeff Johnson, who has been promoted to Director of Business & Operations. Jeff joined us just before the high school renovation/expansion, is also in charge of transportation, food service, portions of technology, and much more … and now he is managing two huge new construction projects! We added Jeff in a position that was “re-named” from Business Manager so we could hire someone from the private sector (you read that right – state law requires a Business Manager to come from the teaching profession, or to have a special license). We felt someone with private sector business experience would be beneficial, and this was a great decision. Jeff has brought so much perspective and control to his various areas, helping the district in so many ways. Thank you for all your hard work, Jeff, and congrats!
    • Finally – congrats to Nancy House, who has been promoted to Assistant Superintendent and Director of Human Resources, effective 8/1/15. Nancy has proven herself in a variety of positions, from teacher, to Assistant Principal at the HS, to HS Principal in the year following Ray Bauer’s death, to Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction for the past six years. We look forward to welcoming her to this new position and helping her expand her professional horizons.
  • We added a 90-minute early release day to next year’s school year on October 27, 2015, for the purpose of Elementary Teacher Conferences.
  • The district has been recognized for Financial Literacy instruction by the State Treasurer’s office. We feel it is important to help our students learn financial literacy skills so they can be financially stable when they embark on life after Milford.
  • Mrs. House presented a review of this past year’s single-sex physical education (PE) classes, prepared by Joe Cambron. Mr. Cambron felt both the male and female single-sex PE classes were very successful. He reports that the male classes had a lot of energy, and the class bonded as the workouts became more advanced. The female class was, in his words, “wonderful for different reasons.” He felt the girls’ inhibitions and nervousness dissipated, and the girls were involved in almost all workouts. He included body-weight routines and yoga. He is also happy to report that he is now cleared to lead yoga himself, and the girls prefer him to the tapes – a good sign! His entire schedule next year is fitness classes – interest is up, and numbers have followed. As Mr. Cambron says, “We must be doing something right.” Mr. Cambron will also be working this summer to design professional development for the elementary PE teachers and classroom teachers. The focus is to incorporate yoga into the daily routines for all students.

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