Highlights from 6/19/15 school board meeting

Some perspective on the college process

Here are the highlights from June’s school board meeting:

  • In lieu of an athletic/activities report this month, we recognized rising senior Clare Cartheuser, who broke two records this year in discus and competed in the state competition. Congrats, Clare – can’t wait to see what you do next year!
  • Following the Business Advisory Council’s report in May re: the value of swapping unused land at Mulberry for the current Milford Library branch building and land, the BAC is now focusing on evaluating Milford South (where current administrative offices are). They will look at the market value of South, what possible uses could be made of the building or land, and the value of the district keeping the building/land vs. selling it. A report should be presented in a few months.
  • The 2014-15 budget is closing on track.
  • Three new administrators were approved at this month’s meeting. John Spieser was hired as Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction. He will replace Nancy House, who is replacing Tim Ackermann as Assistant Superintendent/Human Resources. Sarah Sloan was hired as the Junior High Assistant Principal to replace Todd Wells, who is returning to the area he truly loves, special education. Finally, Stacy Smith has been hired as District Technology Coordinator. She will help lead professional development efforts within technology, helping teachers and administrators make the best use possible of the technology we have available. Welcome to all!
  • We also said goodbye to Tim Ackermann, who is leaving to become Superintendent of the Kings Local School District. Tim has served as Assistant Superintendent/Human Resources for the past four years, and was key in helping put the district on the track we currently enjoy of continually improving academics and fiscal responsibility. Best of luck, Tim! Since Tim and his family still live in the district – and own Lehr’s Prime Market – we expect to see him around quite a bit!
  • Construction on the two new elementary schools continues on track. The rain this past week may have slowed progress, but the teams are working hard to make sure the project is finished on time.

Happy summer, everyone! I will not have a blog report in July, so I’ll see you in August!


Some perspective on the college process

I thought I had a pretty good handle on the college application and financial process before this year. I’ve done applicant interviews for my university for I don’t know how many years, and I’ve kept up with changes to financial aid, scholarships and grants. But I really had no idea how much more there was to know until we went through the process with our daughter. So, I thought my readers might be interested in hearing what we learned – and maybe it can help you a little bit. Continue reading