District works with local businesspeople & community

By Debbie Marques, former Member, Milford School Board and candidate on the ballot this November

On Monday, August, 24, I attended the Business Advisory Council (BAC) meeting. The main agenda item was reviewing the extensive research around options for the Administration/Board of Education office.

For the past nine years, the administration has used the old South Elementary School on Garfield Avenue.While the building is useable for this purpose, it has many drawbacks: location, energy efficiency, space, etc. At the time the administration moved to South, they were leasing space in the Five Points building in Milford while several other school-owned buildings stood empty (another administration and another board made the decision to lease). Now a decision needs to be made regarding the future administration/Board of Education building.

The Clermont County library has offered a swap: their building on SR 131 for a piece of land that is owned by the District but is not being used. Or, the District could renovate the current Board office. BAC Board Chair Chris Hamm did an excellent job taking the Council through several different options that have been thoroughly researched by both Milford staff and BAC members. Representing local business and the community, they will make a recommendation to the Milford Board of Education for what they believe is the best option for the District and the community.

This is exactly how our District should be operating: working WITH local businesses and the community. I have always been and will continue to be a huge proponent of open communication as a board member. In fact, I pushed to have the Board of Education meetings travel around the District, rather than forcing the community to always come to the Board office. I intend to continue to work hard for the community if re-elected to the Board of Education.


2 thoughts on “District works with local businesspeople & community

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