Schools: State and Local control

By George A. Lucas, Member, Milford School Board and candidate on the ballot this November

Every storm starts with a gentle wind then unexpectedly you’re in the middle of a tornado.

In reading H.B. 70 one would think the focus is on finance and management of schools. The reality is masked by layers of a bureaucratic thirst for control. The state education system has been tweaked and twisted by every governor for the past 50 years. If not for communities demanding their school board members protect local control the “one size fits all” state mandates and policies would systematically clone every district. The education our students receive today reflects years of hard work and determination by teachers, administrators, and locally elected boards of education. A major part of a community’s character and prominence can be attributed to the strength of the school district. Once local control of your district is surrendered to the state that character is erased. The community simply becomes static, conforms to unwanted authority, mediocre performance, lack of local pride, and loss of identity.

Make no mistake: H.B. 70, effective October 15, 2015, is much more than a gentle wind. As your school board member I stand ready to defend community values, local control, and protect the exemplary level of education so many have worked diligently to provide and preserve.


3 thoughts on “Schools: State and Local control

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