BAC recommends moving board offices to Rt. 131

The Business Advisory Council (BAC), under the direction of Chair Chris Hamm, was tasked with making recommendations on what the school district should be doing with Milford South and the board offices, which are currently housed at South. One consideration is the district will be receiving the current Milford branch building of the Clermont County Public Library. The library system had approach the school district a number of months ago, asking for a land swap: a piece of unused property from Mulberry Elementary in exchange for their land & building on Rt. 131.

The library was interested in the Mulberry land because they have need of a new central office, and they currently have no land on which to build a large enough facility. They plan to build a large enough location to hold not only the Milford branch, but all their central office staff.

The district was interested in the land swap because we are not using the Mulberry land, and we have no plans or need to use it in the future. The land and building on Rt. 131 are more valuable to us than the open land, and likewise the open land is more valuable to the library. It was a swap that made perfect sense.

Now the question was: what do we do with that building, and what do we do with Milford South? The BAC spent months research and evaluating the situation, talking with experts in the field and evaluating the school district’s long-term needs.

One data point they started with was, if the district were to keep administrative offices in Milford South, the building needs to be renovated. It is not laid out appropriately for office space, is not efficient, and is difficult for handicapped accessibility. It also must be abated since it houses lead paint and other hazardous materials.

Their final recommendation is, assuming the deal with the library is completed, to move the board offices to the library building and sell Milford South. The rationale is:

  1. Library site is more centrally located
    1. Ease of access for parents and students
    2. Improved efficiency of movement between facilities
  2. Library property is more than adequate size and pace
    1. Renovation and configuration cost should be less than renovating Milford South
    2. Based on state enrollment predictions, the space satisfies expected trends with room for expansion
    3. ADA compliancy
    4. Better space for larger meetings, professional development, BOE meetings, and community events
  3. Library property provides an appropriate representation of Milford Schools
    1. District competes for students, and this location provides for a better first impression for new students and families
  4. Own not rent
    1. Milford EVSD honors fiscal responsibility by utilizing owned facility
    2. Long term cost lower than other options
  5. Milford South has value and can be sold

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