Board passes resolution in opposition to loss of local control

At the September meeting, the Milford school board approved a resolution in opposition to increased control of the State of Ohio and reducing powers of a local board of education.

The state’s House Bill 70 had last-minute changes that limited the powers of local board of education. All five school board members feel very strongly that this is the wrong direction for the state to take: residents elect a local board to represent their interests, to understand what the local community desires in their schools, to be available to discuss issues. Local school board members are part of the community – we are your neighbors, your friends, we have a vested interested in our school district.

By giving more control to the state, residents’ ability to ensure their local schools are going in the direction they desire is eroded. As more and more pieces of control are taken from the community and given to the state, we truly lose our “local schools.”

The resolution passed by the board is here. We are asking for your help: a resolution alone, or even resolutions from all school districts in Ohio, is not enough to make change at the state level. We need you, your voices, your outrage. We will be putting together information on how you can help by sharing your feelings with our legislators. Once that is ready, the district will share on the website, and I will share it here.

Thank you in advance for your help in working to keep control of Milford Schools in Milford.


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