Highlights of 9/17/15 school board meeting

BAC recommends moving Board offices to Rt. 131
2014-15 Quality Profile is impressive overview of Milford school district accomplishments
Board passes resolution in opposition to loss of local control
What makes an effective school board member?
Milford Schools class sizes just right by Debbie Marques
To grade or not to grade? Or is that the question? by George A. Lucas
Athletic Update September 17, 2015
Extracurricular Update September 17, 2015

The following are highlights from the September 2015 school board meeting:

  • The 2016-17 calendar was presented in a public hearing. An overview of the calendar is here. If you have any input, please contact me or Dr. Farrell by early October so comments may be discussed and incorporated, if appropriate.
  • The first annual Constitution Day Celebration was held Thursday, September 17. This “living history” event was conceived by Milford board member and local historian, Gary Knepp. Gary worked with MHS AP US History teacher Anna O’Neill, who brought in Milford drama students. Several hundred people, from preschool age to retirees, attended the event. This is expected to be an annual event. Learn more about it here.
  • The district received another five-year grant of $125,000 each year to support the Drug Free Coalition. This has been a very successful program, helping education students about the dangers of drugs and provide programs to help them stay involved. We are thrilled to have this program continue, funded by the grant, for at least another five years.
  • The board approved adopting lacrosse as a varsity sport beginning with the 2016-17 school year, sponsoring four teams: varsity and junior varsity teams for both boys and girls, grades 9-12. Lacrosse has been a club for a number of years. As the popularity of the sport has grown in Milford, it has also grown across the state. Next year, lacrosse will be recognized as an official sport by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.
  • Construction continues on track. Boyd E. Smith principal Doug Savage reported that, despite the construction on-site, there have been no problems and little distraction among students.
  • The district will be evaluating how to use standards-based grading in grades 4-6 this year. Standards-based grading provides much more information to students and parents as to where a child is in various areas. Instead of one grade for a subject, that subject is broken down into its parts: for instance, adding, subtracting and multiplying numbers, vs. simply “math.” A student may be proficient at adding but have trouble in the other areas – standards-based grading can help make that clear and focus students and parents on problem areas. It can also help identify where a student needs to be accelerated, allowing teachers to challenge students who have mastered certain standards. More information will be coming as the district works with staff and parents to evaluate how standards-based grading can be used most appropriately in these grades.

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