Proven records will continue to take Milford forward

By George A. Lucas, Member, Milford School Board and candidate on the ballot this November. Website:

Our democratic system of government provides voters opportunity to elect individuals to represent you. Those who are elected then appoint individuals to administer and manage government. The administrators hire managers, manages hire supervisors, supervisors hire skilled workers and services are provided to the community.

The local ballot issues have a direct impact on the community’s quality of living. All of the elected officials should have a genuine interest and care about that quality. Most elected officials strive to improve upon the office for which they are elected. Those who perform well and have a history of achievements that are well received by the community are typically elected for additional terms. Logically the community then has a bench mark to judge that particular official’s resume as a candidate for election. Of course, if the official
has a record of service that falls short of voters’ expectations, then examining resumes of new candidates is also logical.

Now the question in our community, regarding the school board seats currently up for election, is will the voter examine the record of each candidate or simply vote based on the size of candidates’ signs or promises of changes that are unaffordable, unproven, and unnecessary? I think those candidates who would lead you to believe that our school district needs such changes are proposing to undo what so many have worked so hard to accomplish for our students and our community.

It makes sense to elect board members who have provided guidance, workforce stability, prudent fiscal management, enhanced facilities, and maintained a highly qualified professional staff. I ask for your vote for myself and Debbie Marques on November 3rd to continue serving the needs of the students and community.


2 thoughts on “Proven records will continue to take Milford forward

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