Highlights of 11/19/15 school board meeting

Milford Main open for last tour on 12/12
How do we understand others?
Athletics Update
Extracurricular Update

Please attend our Community Forum this Wednesday, December 2, 6:30 pm, MHS cafeteria. We will be discussing issues facing Ohio public school districts, including local control, unfunded mandates, and charter schools. WE NEED YOU to help us make change! The more people we have involved, the more likely our voices will be heard. We know it’s a busy time of year, but please invest a few hours in your local school and come listen – understanding is the first step! Wednesday, December 2, 6:30 pm, MHS cafeteria. Learn more here.

  • The highlight of this month’s board meeting was when the district surprised Mr. Jack Brady, a Korean War veteran who had his education interrupted due to his service to our country, with a Milford diploma! Mr. Brady’s family was there for the surprise. Thank you for your service, Mr. Brady! Read more here.
  • Every year, Milford JHS collects food items and creates troop boxes to be sent to those overseas. This year was no exception: JHS students presented approximately 500 troop boxes to Troop Box Ministries! Director Diana Lawrence has said in the past that Milford’s donations account for up to six months of boxes for our troops – amazing! Another neat story came from a letter fellow board member Gary Knepp read to me a few weeks ago. It was from a soldier overseas. He wrote that it was always exciting for everyone when an American would get a box from someplace like Troop Box Ministries. They share the items with all those serving, giving people from dozens of countries a taste for American food items. He finished by saying it is a great way to outreach, and the items we send are also going to further international relations by bringing those who are serving together even closer.
  • The MHS Marching Band presented their Bands of America Grand National Championships semifinal trophy to the Board of Education. Bands of America is the premier high school marching band group; to make semifinals is a huge accomplishment. Milford was one of the top 30 bands among 90 bands who competed, from all over the country. Congratulations, Milford Marching Band!
  • The board accepted generous donations of $850 of camera equipment from Paula Felps; and $750 of art supplies from Brad Smith/Photo Smith. Thank you both for supporting our students!
  • The board approved the 2016-2017 District Calendar.
  • Stacy Smith, the district’s Technology Coordinator, presented an update on Smart Goal #1: The district will provide Professional Development for 100% of classroom teachers to utilize technology to enhance student learning during the 2015-16 school year. She explained the training materials and approaches she is using this year, and how she is measuring feedback and training effectiveness.
  • Adam Reed, Associate Principal for the Ninth Grade Community, presented progress on Smart Goal #4: We will provide professional development to support teaching strategies regarding high expectations for students, service learning, student feedback and student/teacher relationships. The Feedback program being implemented this year helps teachers guide students through an evaluation process to help them reach what is called “self-regulation.” Mr. Reed explains this is the point where students are self-evaluating to ensure their have done all necessary to achieve the most learning possible. The first step is to take teachers along this continuum. The process used is called “microteaching,” where teachers are evaluating their own strategies and interactions in-depth and with other teachers to help them improve their methods. They are using a recording device that allows a cell phone to be placed on video record, and which then “follows” them as they move from one part of the classroom to another. The video is evaluated both by the teacher and by peers to identify strengths and weaknesses in the lesson.
  • Superintendent Dr. Farrell provided an update on the all-day kindergarten program. While we do not have firm results yet as it is too early in the year, qualitatively the program is going very well. There are only a couple spots not filled in the all-day program, and that is due to students moving. So far, feedback from families and teachers has been very positive. While we will have more quantitative measures later in the year, we must decide now if we will offer this program again next year, since parents begin choosing a kindergarten program as early as January. No official vote was taken, but the board was unofficially favorable to moving forward with more information to come.

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