BAC recommends selling Milford South

Last year, the Milford Business Advisory Council was tasked with a two-part project consisting of evaluating if the district should trade land/building with the Clermont Public Library; and then, when they recommended taking the current Milford Library branch building and moving administrative offices there, evaluating the best course of action to take with Milford South, where those offices are currently housed.

At the January 2016 meeting, BAC Chair Chris Hamm presented the BAC’s analysis. An appraisal of Milford South shows it is worth $950,000, which would cover the cost of renovating the Milford Library building for district offices. To renovate South would be more than the net cost of selling it and renovating the library building. In addition, moving the board offices across from the HS/JH campus will provide many benefits to the district.

The BAC recommends the district sell Milford South. Their rationale is:

  1. The site does not have a good use for the district once the offices are moved.
  1. With the uncertain nature of the economy and alternative schools, the process should be expedited to provide the BOE with some certainty.
  1. The site has significant interest from local residential developers and is expected to attract good value for Milford Schools.
  1. A contingency period could be valuable to the City and community as they look to get involved at the early planning stages, while also being of value to a developer as they prepare for financing, zoning, and design.
  1. Monies generated from the sale will be deposited in the Permanent Improvement Fund

They recommend the district begin the process of selling the property immediately, with a contingency for the administrative offices to remain on-site until the renovated library is available for relocating. There is a state-mandated process the board must follow to sell a building, which includes offering to a local non-profit or governmental agency; offering to any and all “high performing” community (charter) schools at the appraised value; if no offers then, offering it to any and all start-up community schools or college preparatory board schools located within the district; then offering for auction; then, if no bids are accepted during auction, offering for private sale (note: this process went into effect at the end of 2015, so it is different than the process we had to follow when offering Milford Main for sale).

Read the full BAC report here: BAC Recommendation 012116



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