Milford students performed well on last year’s revised state standardized tests

The state of Ohio has released several parts of last year’s report card, and we are thrilled to report that Milford students did exceptionally well on the new state tests! In all categories, proficiency rates were met and significantly higher than state standards. We believe this is largely due to Milford’s curriculum being aligned with the state standards, as well as the focus of developing critical thinking and evaluation processes at all grade levels.

In third grade English-Language Arts and Math, the test was the former OAA test; all other tests were the PARCC or AIR tests, which were quite different – and more challenging – than former tests. The lowest score – 58.2% in 8th grade math – is misleading because for the first time, students were separated out into math subjects (a good percent of our 8th graders take high school math), so a large percent were not included in this test result.

Results for the first set of end-of-course graduation tests were also very strong.

The third grade reading guarantee requires all third grades to meet a reading threshold by the end of the year or else be held back in reading the following year. All of our third graders met the required reading levels on these tests.

Graduation rates also continue to be strong, with a 4-year graduation rate of 95.3% and five-year rate of 95.2%. However, the state now evaluates graduation in a much different way. There are students who graduate but continue on through Milford with post-secondary programs such as through the Oaks, and these students are not included in these numbers. If they are included, our graduation rate increases to over 97%.

You can view the specific results presented at the board meeting here: MEVSD Report Card 2014-15 Jan 2016 release



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