Highlights from 2/18/16 school board meeting

Over $7 million from Milford EVSD has been diverted to charter schools
Technology plan will help improve student achievement 
Please support our Autism Behavior Unit
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

Below are highlights from the 2/18/16 school board meeting:

  • The Milford Athletic Boosters’ annual fundraiser Flight Night is coming up! On Thursday, March, 10, the Boosters will host the Hit King, Pete Rose, with special guests and introductory speakers, Ron Oester and Leo Cardenas. Tickets are going fast – click here to reserve your ticket today!
  • The Milford Junior High Robotics Club demonstrated their robots for the board and attendees. This program allows students to build and program their own robots, and compete on a circuit. Teams are given challenges at the competition and have various times to complete them. At the meeting, students demonstrated how their robots can collect tennis balls, aim them, and then shoot them. Many exclamations and much enjoyment was had as students showed off their creations!
  • The annual budget is 1.6% under where expected for this point in the fiscal year. This savings will help offset the cost of the new technology program.
  • Registration for all-day kindergarten (ADK) for the 2016-17 school year has gone extremely well. All elementaries have one session of ADK except Pattison, which has two. All sections are currently full, but this may change as families move out of the district. There are four students who wanted a spot in ADK who have not been placed; hopefully they will have a spot before the year starts. If enough late registrants want ADK, another section may be added.
  • Construction continues to go well, with detail work the focus right now. Everything is on schedule to open the two new elementaries in the fall.

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