Technology plan will help improve student achievement

After much work and discussion with teachers, administrators, parents, students and the board, the Milford Technology Committee has made a recommendation for a District Technology Plan that will take us through 2020.

The goal is to provide our teachers and students with the tools and training needed so technology can support curriculum and help improve student achievement at all grade levels. This includes access to technology at all levels; professional development for all staff members; access to online digital tools such as Google Applications for Education, Schoology, and more; and training for students in using technology and responsible digital citizenship.

Perhaps the biggest change will be at the Junior High beginning next school year. We are going to a 1:1 program for grades 7-9, beginning with next year’s 7th graders, where students will be required to bring an approved device to school daily. The district will be offering Chromebooks for those families who would like to participate through the school. They will pay $90/year for the Chromebook, a case, and insurance. At the end of the three years, the family will own the Chromebook. For those families who already own a Chromebook or laptop that meets specifications, they may bring their own device.

Chromebooks may also be available through the district for those in other grades – if you are interested in learning more, please contact your principal/assistant principal.


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