Highlights from 5/19/16 and 4/21/16 school board meetings

Congratulations, Nancy House, Milford’s next superintendent!
Honoring Dr. Farrell
Students say goodbye to current Seipelt and Boyd buildings
Five-year forecast continues to look strong
Construction update from mid-May 2016
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

Following are the highlights from both the April and May meetings, since I was not able to publish a summary in April.

May 19, 2016

  • Mary Anne Will, President of the Milford Schools Foundation, presented the district with a check for almost $29,000 to support educational initiatives in all our schools. The Foundation accepts grant applications on their website. They are also still accepting reservations for bricks from Milford Main. The district has contracted with the demolition company to save 500 bricks, which are donated to the Foundation. For $25, you can own a piece of Milford Main and help our students at the same time.
  • MHS Chamber Singers were recognized for their competition at OMEA State Level – the first time in MHS history that one of our choirs has competed at state! And they made straight 1s at the competition – the highest rating possible!
  • Winter Drumline was also recognized for their Winter Guard International World Championship performance – the first time our drumline has ever qualified for finals, where they placed 12th!
  • This is the time when financials start to shake out for the final few months of the year. Some purchases budgeted for this year may be pushed to next year, due to vendor timing; some income, such as Catastrophic Reimbursement, will likely not be received until next year, due to changes in State filing deadlines. However, as numbers are adjusted for when money will be spent and received at the end of the year, the overall budget picture is still on track and looking good.
  • Sarah Sloan, who has served as MJHS Assistant Principal this school year, has been named Principal of Mulberry Elementary beginning August 1, 2016. Congratulations, Sarah!
  • Construction continues on schedule for the two new elementaries. I was able to join a tour of Seipelt a few weeks ago; photos are here, it’s looking great! Boyd & Seipelt are on pretty much the same schedule. As contractors work on one area at Boyd, they work on another at Seipelt, and then flip – but both buildings are on the same finish schedule and will be ready for school in August.
  • Milford Food Service has taken on another school contract. We will now be managing Williamsburg Local’s food service in addition to our current contracts. Providing food service to other districts allows us to manage our own food costs plus pay all administrative expenses associated with food service at Milford. This is a unique and very successful program that provides repayment of hundreds of thousands of administrative dollars to the General Fund every year, reducing cost to taxpayers.
  • The elementary and JH schools will all have summer reading programs that are tied in either to the schools or the Clermont County Library. They will earn rewards and celebrations for meeting goals during the summer.
  • Milford’s Success Academy, which serves students who need an alternate form of education, has been highly successful helping students stay on track and reach graduation. As we learn more about how this programming can be used, the Success Academy structure is being re-visited to make it even more effective. Mr. John Spieser, Director of Secondary Curriculum; Mr. Josh Kauffman, Principal of Milford High School; and Mr. Robert Hatfield, the new Associate Principal of the Success Academy, will be investigating and implementing new options for blended learning and additional support.

April 21, 2016

  • Financials continue to be on track for Fiscal Year 2015-16, which runs from July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016.
  • The board approved a number of policy revisions around transportation, intervention services, and medication. Two years ago, we revised all our policies with the help of the Ohio School Boards Association. We now plan to review them in sections on a regular basis, as well as continuing to make adjustments for legal changes as necessary (to existing policies, or adding new policies when required).
  • For the past few years, the board has approved allowing Miami Township to use our bus service through Petermann for their summer camp needs. Miami Township pays the cost, but we allow them access to the buses.
  • Construction continues to go well; all is on track to open the two new elementaries in August.
  • MHS summer reading selections were presented. If you’re interested in what our students are reading – and perhaps would like some summer book recommendations, the list is here.
  • Grades 3, 4 and 5 visited iSpace to learn more about STEM concepts such as polymers, rockets, and even a simulated space launch! iSpace provides wonderful, engaging programming to help spark interest in and knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  • Brian Zawodny, Principal of Mulberry Elementary, is leaving Milford to take a principal job in another district. He has done a wonderful job following Mr. Gary Schulte’s retirement several years ago – thank you, Mr. Zawodny, we’ll miss you, and best of luck!
  • Robert Hatfield has been hired as Associate Principal of the Success Academy starting August 1, 2016. He will be taking over for Mrs. Mary Lou Assell, who is retiring – we wish you both the best of luck!

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