All-day kindergarten leads to increased student growth

Following implementation of a tuition-based full-day kindergarten option last year, Dr. Jill Chin, Milford’s Director of Primary Curriculum, conducted an evaluation of the academic and developmental results of the program. These results indicate a full-day program led to higher achievement, particularly for disadvantaged and low-income children; and the opportunity for students to spend more time in small group activities, one-on-one activities, and self-initiated learning activities, leading to greater progress in social skills and a reinforcement of positive social behaviors.

The district used the MAP test (Measures of Academic Progress) to evaluate student achievement. The test, which is a personalized assessment that adapts to each student’s learning level (i.e., if a question is answered correctly, the student is given a harder question next; if the answer is incorrect, the student is given a question that is a level down), was administered twice during the year. This allowed staff to understand student progress and provided a way to compare this progress between half-day and full-day students.

The results showed that growth in mathematics ability from winter to spring was 8.05 among half-day students and 10.82 among all-day students. This change is significant, and it was even more pronounced among afternoon students.

Reading saw an even greater growth differential: half-day students saw a 6.58 increase from winter to spring, while full-day saw 10.14.

In addition, kindergarten parents were surveyed to determine their attitude about and perception of the full-day program. 70.3% said they would enroll their children in tuition-based full-day kindergarten. If Ohio funded full-day kindergarten and the district were able to offer it to all students at no cost, 90.7% said they would enroll their children.

Here is the presentation given at the board meeting the other night. It provides more detail on benefits and parent/teacher perceptions. Kindergarten Powerpoint 2016


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