Boyd memories

This page is dedicated to memories of Boyd E. Smith. These memories and photos were collected by parent Maria Troescher (thank you!!!), who put together a memories section in last year’s yearbook. Staff and parents will also be sharing their thoughts; I will update the page as I receive memories.

If you would like to share your memories, please send me an email and I’ll add your comments, photos, whatever you’d like to share – or comment below, if you prefer.

[Note: I included these in the order I received them; photo gallery at end]

“I will never forget singing the BES song over and over in the hallways on Mr. Zeuch’s last day.  I remember when there were six teachers for every grade level!  Our sixth grade dances, kickball games with Mr. Parnin and Mr. Vollman, Veteran’s Day programs, oh so many memories!” -Sylvia Yee, Sixth Grade Teacher
“My favorite memory during my teaching here at Boyd was when my two children went here.   It was always so nice to see them in the hall or their classrooms as I was walking by. “ -Susan Shaw,  Fourth Grade Teacher
” BES is where I began my teaching career as a 22-year-old in 2001.  To think about everything that has happened over the years is emotional.   For me,  BES means community.   From the students,  teachers,  and families… it’s all about building relationships and the bonds we have developed over the years.   From special student events like Poetry Coffeehouse or the Vocabulary Fashion Show to how we come together in times of tragedy,  it’s all about this special community we have developed. ”  -Shannon Langston, Third Grade Teacher
“Besides working with the most supportive and caring staff, families, and students, being able to recognize our wonderful mothers each year for Mother’s Day Tea will always hold a special place in my heart.  BES is truly the BESt place to learn, work, and play!”   -Jennifer Weiler, First Grade Teacher
“I love the last day of school when all staff members line the sidewalk of the bus lane.  As students leave for the summer, we all wave goodbye!  It’s a proud moment to think about all the hard work that we all put in to help these children learn and grow!” – Ellen Oppenhiem, Third Grade Teacher
“I remember directing my largest Fourth Grade group ever – 170 students!   Another favorite memory is a standing ovation at our Veterans Day program – and not a dry eye. ”  -Patty Bolender,  Music Teacher
“Boyd E. Smith is the first school I ever went to as a student, and the best school I have ever taught at as a teacher.  I have too many memories of this building to count – we are all lucky for having been a part of it!” – Alaina Conti, Intervention Specialist
“There’s something very special about being a Specials teacher.   The greatest thing about teaching at Boyd is getting to work with these wonderful children year after year,  and seeing them grow and blossom into beautiful young adults.   From Kindergarten through Sixth grade,  I get to know EVERYONE in the whole school,  and their amazing families too.   By far,  this has been my favorite thing about teaching here.”  – April Cooper,  Art Teacher
“BES was one of the first buildings I worked at,  and it has been my favorite ever since!”   -Doug Savage, Principal 
“I’ll always remember how 30 rectangular desks do not easily fit into a wedge-shaped room.  Those who were in my first 3rd grade class are now juniors in college.  It has been my pleasure to watch them grow into amazing young adults.  From the First BES student I met to my current students and all the ones in between…I’ve been lucky to teach you all.”  – Jennifer Brueck, Fifth Grade Teacher
“My favorite memories would include the Sixth Grade Picnic in the side yard and the tradition of clapping the Sixth Graders out of the building on the last day of school.” – Tori Bothe, Sixth Grade Teacher
“The last classroom I taught in at the original BES building is the same classroom where I did my student teaching.” – Jane Wolf, Second Grade Teacher
My special BES moment has to do with my 6th grader Patrick.  He struggled with reading in 2nd and 3rd grade.  His former 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Wolfe volunteered to work with him after school once a week in 3rd grade.  She was not one of his 3rd grade teachers.  Then that same year Mrs. Langston, Mrs. Oppenheim and Mrs. Holt Taylor worked with Patrick and other students to help them with the 3rd reading test, after school, once a week.  Mr. Savage was very helpful in helping us understand what Patrick needed help with.  He spent time with us as parents in his office and on the phone with me for hours after school.
Patrick had to work really hard.  This was something that not a lot of 3rd graders would be up to.  It was also something that only extraordinary, committed and caring teachers  and administrators would do.
Patrick since then has passed all of the tests and some of them scoring with very high marks.
BES made my son a success in school.  I will always have a special spot in my heart for the staff of BES! – Sean Derrig, parent


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