Highlights from 9/15/16 school board meeting

Visioning process will help define future for our students
Do Makerspaces fit in Milford High School’s vision?
Seipelt memories

Boyd memories
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

Here are highlights from the 9/15/16 school board meeting:

  • The September meeting was held at the brand-new Boyd E. Smith Elementary School, following an Open House/Ribbon Cutting. Seipelt’s Open House was held the Tuesday before. Both events were well attended by school families and other residents who came out to see these beautiful new buildings. [above are links to pages that contain memories of each of the buildings, provided by staff, parents & students]
  • The Business Advisory Council (BAC) reported on their latest assignment, to evaluate the high school and junior high for potential capital improvements, including the stadium and auditorium. They recommend replacing the junior high, renovating the oldest parts of the high school (those that were not renovated during the last round of construction on the high school), building a new preschool, athletic facility, and auditorium/performing arts center, and improving the stadium. They also recommend creating a task force to develop partnerships to pursue joint operations, facility sponsorships, and naming rights to reduce the cost to taxpayers. Their full recommendation with rationale is here.
  • The District’s finances continue to be in good shape. Due to efficiencies gained through participation in the SWOOSH insurance consortium of local school districts, we will once again see a DECREASE in insurance premiums for next year! Health insurance premiums will decrease by 4%, and dental by 1.2%. This is a huge benefit for our staff and the District, especially when so many companies are seeing increases in the double digits.
  • Jeff Johnson, Operations Director, shared that there have been no traffic concerns observed or reported due to the new Seipelt Elementary location on Rt. 131. He will continue to monitor traffic flow in the area.
  • Jennie Berkley, Director of Special Education, shared an update on the PBIS program. PBIS stands for Positive Interventions Behaviors and Supports, and is a program to help support academic and social success by teaching behavioral expectations in the same way as you would teach a core subject. PBIS outlines expectations for each area of a student’s interactions – classroom, bus, cafeteria, restroom, playgroud – and can be adapted for age groups as students progress throughout their school years. This year, PBIS will be implemented in all schools. Here is a video that shows some of the successes Milford Schools has had with the program so far.

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