Seipelt memories

Kendall Vaught on the last day of kindergarten at Siepelt in front of the "paint wall" the kids created.

Kendall Vaught on the last day of kindergarten at Seipelt in front of the “paint wall” the kids created.

The old Seipelt Elementary was home to so many memories for so many people … here are just a few that have been shared with me. I used some of these comments in the speech I gave at the new Seipelt Open House/Ribbon Cutting, but I wanted to share everything I received here.

If you would like to share your memories, please send me an email and I’ll add your comments, photos, whatever you’d like to share – or comment below, if you prefer.

[Note: I included these in the order I received them]


Liz McHale, first grade teacher: I got engaged in the old Seipelt building!

Funny – jumping over “lake seipelt ” on our way in the building when it rained. Also the countless leaks that resulted in buckets everywhere .

Ryan Hanna, former fifth/sixth grade teacher: Even though we were a very old building, my fondest memories will be of the beautiful murals done throughout the building that were sadly not able to be preserved. Also, despite the age of the building, hanging the “National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence” banner proved it doesn’t matter what your school looks like. What matters is what goes on inside.

‪The thing I don’t/won’t miss are the dust and the spiders. Definitely the spiders. Come to think of it, the snakes too. I think we had a couple of snakes.

Tina Taylor, fourth grade teacher: Definitely [not miss the] snakes!!! I had a way too close encounter with one! ‪😳

Lisa Essig, parent: I loved the day there was a board meeting in the gym and it rained and there were large garbage cans all over the room collecting the raining pouring through the roof. Finally the board and people who came to the meetings got to see what we put up with.

Tammy Barton, parent: Once Andrea Brady and I started the Harvest Carnival for Seipelt Elementary in 2008 we were in desperate need for storage for the PTA. The PTA could only share a closet of a room off of the cafeteria that the Child Focus counselor would have to squeeze into with one or more students throughout the week. We had carnival games, decorations such as bales of hay, crafts, food, signs, fliers, and various supplies filling the room. Over time the space was getting smaller and smaller. Eventually these things ended up in my basement and I became the sole organizer of the Harvest Carnival after Andrea’s daughter graduated from Seipelt. For five years I had those carnival games that eventually grew in number and size in my basement. And guess who was in charge of the carnival for those 5 years? Me. Now, since my kids have graduated from Seipelt no other PTA parent is willing to house the Harvest Carnival games. Because that would mean they would be in charge of the Harvest Carnival. 😀  [Andrea’s note: the Harvest Carnival games are now stored in a storage unit – thank you, Tammy, for giving up your basement space all those years!!!]

Kathy Doherty, parent: Some of my favorite memories were of the walkathons. The kids had so much fun and enjoyed the afternoon walking around in the grass in the back of the school.

‪Family night was another of my favorites. Dancing in the gym was a blast!

Doug Doherty, parent: I have fond memories of Guest to Lunch days eating in the cafeteria with both Makenzie and Mason. The lunch ladies are all so nice and the food was pretty good! All the teachers I knew would come by to say “hi” too. I also enjoyed the Christmas Shop the PTA would set-up in the gym for students to shop for parents and grandparents. Family nights were always a good time too! We’ll miss the old Seipelt.

Deborah Talbert, third grade teacher: When our family moved to Milford in 1998, I thought it was so strange that the students ate in their classrooms.  The population also swelled to 700+ when Don Baker was principal and the cafeteria area became 4 classrooms.  I watched that building swell and shrink depending on the population and boundaries but I like to think that it welcomed every child with warmth (and a little water).  🙂

I remember that Miss Pruitt did a little play every year with her first graders.  I remember one year they did a shortened version of the Nutcracker.  I remember the ORFF (sp?) performances playing along with the recorders.

I loved the field days. Whether it was relay races or the fire truck spraying the students the front of the building was as busy as the back of the building with games and bouncy houses.

I have happy memories of that old building because my children attended Old Seipelt and I taught there.  I am looking forward to the new memories I will make at this new school.

Leah Pettigrew, parent: Some favorite memories are the murals around the school– most are the same murals I saw as a Student there! Also volunteering at Apple Day. I think my kids’ favs would include the Harvest Carnival. Won’t miss watching the building slowly deteriorate to the point of having to wind between buckets catching rusty water drips from the leaky roof. Also won’t miss the crazy carpool/drop off in that tiny parking lot area!

Brenda Ely, parent: My fondest memory that happened through Seipelt was meeting some extraordinary people, Ed and Andrea Brady and Hilda and Gary Knepp who teamed with me to form a research /action group called New Options for Better Schools (NOBS), focused on saving the neighborhood school concept that our community still enjoys today. That little band of Seipelt parents challenged the scheduled destruction of our neighborhood school arrangement and through investigative research, data analysis, community engagement, public speaking, and reporting, we found and reported the truth and preserved our beloved neighborhood schools. It was ugly, painful, invigorating, and inspiring all at the same time. It’s a good thing Seipelt school was there to get us all together!

‪A bad memory of Seipelt, comes from my days there as a student, when it was called Pleasant Hill School. My family had moved over the summer so I entered Pleasant Hill as a fourth grader. I had not been in the building and had no idea where to go. My mother pointed me down the appropriate hall and then took my two younger brothers to find their classrooms. I didn’t see my name on any of the class lists posted on the classroom doors. I was lost and afraid and too shy to ask for help. A teacher saw me crying and told another child to take me to the multipurpose room. He took me to the lunchroom/gym/auditorium “multipurpose room” where I sat on the stage with a small group of other lost kids until someone came to sort us out. More than 40 years later, I still remembered that and was a little uncomfortable whenever I walked by that little stage at Seipelt.

Tedi Blinkhorn, Seipelt Food Service Manager: I really miss the old kitchen, not. Never knew what I would walk into on a Monday, after school breaks. I had two different freezers go down over a weekend and then a ice cream freezer, that one was a mess.

Angie (Munz) Weber, parent: I have several fond memories of Seipelt! I loved the year I helped with the start up of Jason Jacobs’ Tai Kwon Do program, I really enjoyed the Family Pizza nights and watching the kids dance to the dj in the gym, but mostly I loved all of the wonderful staff my children have got to have in their lives over the years!! There is no better group of staff and teachers out there!!

Sarah Ely, student: I remember when I made a poster in 2008 for the Harvest Carnival and won the poster contest!

Mariah Knepp, student: I won the 6th grade yearbook design contest 🙂

Jill Zerhusen, fifth grade teacher: I did my student teaching at Seipelt Elementary in 1998. Even though I said I would never teach in a building without air conditioning, I fell in love with Seipelt. I was hired as a full time teacher and have been sweating ever since! This year, in our new building, is the first year I was not burning up at open house! I am loving the comforts of air conditioning. I was so sad to say goodbye to Cromley Drive, but I am so thankful to be here in our new building!

Natalie Brady, student: We were the first [sixth grade] class to paint a ceiling tile in art class. It was so exciting to see the tile in the cafeteria after we’d painted it!

Richard Troy Weigand, sixth grade teacher: My fondest memory of Seipelt on Cromley would have to be watching the last 6th graders of the building leave on the last day of school.  Most of them were crying and giving hugs before they left, even the ones I would least expect.

One other awesome memory is seeing the look on the kids faces when the teachers were dancing to the whip-nae-nae and what did the fox say song.

My least-fond memory definitely was having to catch multiple mice throughout the building.




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