Highlights of 11/17/16 school board meeting

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This was a routine month for Milford Schools; here are the highlights: Continue reading

Highlights from 10/20/16 school board meeting

Two running for Ohio State Board of Education
Honoring our veterans at Nov. 17 school board meeting

It was fairly quiet at the October school board meeting. Below are highlights: Continue reading

Honoring veterans at Nov. 17 board meeting


From the District:

Milford School District will continue its tradition of honoring veterans at its November Board of Education meeting. The Board will award high school diplomas to veterans who did not earn a diploma because their education at Milford High School was interrupted to serve their country in times of war. It is the ninth year that the district has awarded diplomas to veterans. The Board meets on Thursday, November 17, beginning at 7 p.m. at Charles L. Seipelt Elementary, 900 State Route 131. Continue reading