Highlights of 11/17/16 school board meeting

Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

This was a routine month for Milford Schools; here are the highlights:

  • As we do each year, we honored our local veterans with a special ceremony. Two MHS seniors sang the National Anthem; a junior played taps; and the Chamber Singers sang God Bless America. Nicole Billias, a Pattison student, was recognized for the art she created at the Remembrance at the Meadows Patriotic Art Show. Then, Milford DECA was recognized for their work with creating this event. Three veterans were honored with certificates, and almost 400 troop boxes were presented to Troop Box Ministries. As always, it was a wonderful ceremony.
  • The proposed 2017-18 District Calendar was presented for the second time. The only input received so far was from teachers, who wanted to flip their opening work day and in service day. The calendar will be approved at the December 15 board meeting, so if you have comments, please contact Superintendent Nancy House or myself.
  • Secondary Curriculum Director John Spieser presented a video o the new American Studies class at the HS. This class combines Honors English 11, which is American literature, and AP US History, allowing students to delve more deeply into both subjects. This combined course is a brainchild of social studies teacher Anna O’Neill and English teacher Joe Claus. It has been a huge success so far, with students saying they have a much deeper understanding of the materials in both classes.

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