Highlights from 12/15/16 school board meeting

New Board of Education offices to be named in honor of Dr. Farrell
Tom Grippa joins the Flock as MHS head football coach
Where are the jobs?
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

This was another calm month in the business of the Milford School District:

  • The district continues to be on track financially, which is always great news!
  • The 2017-18 District Calendar was approved. View it here.
  • The board approved two position changes effective last Friday, December 16. First, Dr. Jill Chin was promoted from Director of Elementary Curriculum & Instruction to Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. When Mrs. House became Superintendent in August, Dr. Farrell stayed on for 4 months to help with the transition. At that point, no other position changes were made. Dr. Chin is now filling that open Assistant Superintendent role as Dr. Farrell retires. Second, Mr. John Spieser, who has served as Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction for the past two years, is moving to Director of Human Resources. The Secondary Curriculum job will be posted early in 2017.
  • The board voted to continue the full-day, tuition-based kindergarten program for the 2017-2018 school year. Tuition will remain at $3,000/year, reduced accordingly if a family meets the criteria for the federal free and reduced lunch program.
  • Courses at the high school continue to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of our students. For 2017-18, two AP classes will be added (AP Capstone Research, the second course in the AP Capstone program, and AP Computer Science), as well as several other courses. Due to low interest or other needs, several courses were also eliminated. See all the changes here: 2017-18-milford-hs-course-catalog-changes.
  • Board meeting dates for 2017 will be set at the school board’s organizational meeting, January 5, 7 pm.

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