Highlights from 1/12/17 school board meeting

Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

This was a very quiet month for the Milford Board of Education. Below are the highlights from the 1/12/17 meeting, as well as the Organizational Meeting held 1/5/17:

  • The board organized for the year with Gary Knepp continuing to serve as president and George Lucas continuing as vice president.
  • Each board member serves on multiple committees. Committee assignments are made based on background/skills, interest, and to provide distribution across all committees. This year’s assignments, with members listed alphabetically, are:
    • Building & Grounds: George Lucas, Dave Yockey
    • Finance: Andrea Brady, Gary Kenpp
    • Curriculum & Instruction: Gary Knepp, Dave Yockey
    • Personnel: Andrea Brady, Debbie Marques
    • Extracurricular Activities: George Lucas, Debbie Marques
    • Policy: Gary Knepp, Dave Yockey
    • Communications: Andrea Brady, Debbie Marques
    • Senior Engagement: Andrea Brady, Debbie Marques
    • Business Advisory Liaison: George Lucas
    • Central Committee Liaison: Debbie Marques
    • Chamber of Commerce Liaison: Gary Knepp
    • JVS School Board Designee: Dave Yockey
    • Miami Township Liaison: Andrea Brady
    • Milford City Council Liaison: Gary Knepp
    • OSBA Delegate and Legislative Liaison: Dave Yockey
    • Superintendent Liaison: Gary Knepp
    • Treasurer Liaison: George Lucas
    • Designation of Public Records Officer: Debbie Caudle (per state law, the board may choose to have the treasurer serve this position).
  • Board meeting dates for 2017 have been confirmed and are posted here on the district website.
  • The monthly budget review shows spending is on track with appropriations and expectations. The JH roof is leaking and must be repaired. Funds for this will be taken from the Permanent Improvement Fund, which is held for expenses such as this.
  • The board extended the contract with Petermann Ltd. to provide bus service for the district through 2022.
  • The Curriculum & Instruction Department presented a video on STEM opportunities for our students at each age level. Students start early learning how technology and science can come together in exciting ways. Introductory classes plus robotics competitions and clubs at MJHS prepare students for rigorous course options at MHS, providing interested students a sound basis in engineering, design, and other technology as they determine their career and college path.

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