Perfect audit, increased credit rating, millions saved for taxpayers

This past week was a great one for the Milford Treasurer’s Office, as they experienced what Treasurer Debbie Caudle calls “The Treasurer’s Trifecta.”

First, the district received a perfect audit from the State – as Mrs. Caudle describes, “It’s like you get audited by the IRS and everything’s perfect.”

Next, the district’s Moody’s credit rating was increased, which is highly unusual among school districts – “Like receiving an 800 out of 850 on your personal credit score,” she says. The increase is due to the economic strength of the community, as well as the district’s fiscal solidity.

Finally, the bond refinance was completed, saving taxpayers more than expected – over $2 million over the life of the bonds, which is “like refinancing your home loan and saving more than you ever imagined,” Mrs. Caudle finishes.

Congratulations to Mrs. Caudle and the entire Treasurer’s Office for jobs well done!



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