Highlights from 5/18/17 and 6/15/17 school board meetings

May 2017 Five Year Forecast approved by school board
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

So sorry – I think last month was the first time in 7.5 years that I missed publishing articles for a monthly meeting when I was in attendance – but I guess it was bound to happen. So, I am making up for that now by including information for last month’s board meeting as well as this month’s. Below are highlights from both, as well as information from the special board meeting held on Monday, June 12:

  • The biggest recent news comes from that special board meeting: the board approved a new contract with both the teaching and the classified staff of the Milford EVSD. This is a 3-year contract with base increases of 3%/2.5%/2.5%, plus minor changes to the language in both of the contracts. Based on low or no increases in a number of recent years, Milford salaries were well below the mid-mark of local school personnel. As a high-performing district, where we ask a lot of our people and they deliver beautifully, yet where we are cognizant that we must remain very conservative with our limited local funds, our goal is to keep salaries in the middle of the local range. The approved increases accomplish that for the next 3-year period. The negotiation process between the administration and the unions was very smooth and collaborative. The contracts were approved at a special board meeting to allow Superintendent Nancy House to be there – Mrs. House had to miss the regular board meeting in June as she accompanied her daughter to orientation at her new college in Florida.
  • In May: The Milford Elementary PTOs have raised $1,500 to donate to Miami Township for the Spirit of ’76 park. The park features a pond, which requires an aerator (i.e., fountain) for proper long-term maintenance. The rest of the money had been raised privately, but this amount was outstanding. The park has been extremely valuable educationally for our students of all ages, who have participated in several events there while learning about history in an interactive setting. We foresee many future opportunities to continue our successful collaboration with Miami Township and the park.
  • Financials continue on track for the year. We are now less than a month out from closing out this fiscal; it appears we will be appr. 1-1.5% under appropriations, which is where Treasurer Debbie Caudle hopes to be each year. The small cushion ensures we have some room if there are any unexpected financial needs, allowing us to stay within budget but not overestimate a significant amount.
  • In June: The board approved the new 2018-2019 school calendar. This calendar begins the school year on Wednesday, August 15 (just one day earlier than the upcoming 2017-2018 school year) and ends on Thursday, May 30. The biggest change between this calendar and previous is the addition of a new fall break – five days from Friday, October 12 through Tuesday, October 16.
  • The Business Advisory Council is continuing to work on school start times under the direction of attorney Geoff Pittman. They are still looking for members – if you are interested in serving, please call the board office at 831-1314 or email Mr. Pittman at gwp.atty @ fuse.net
  • In June: The board approved salary schedules for exempt officer personnel, classified supervisors, and administrators. These salary schedules adjust ranges to appropriate levels based on the market for each of these groups.
  • Also in June: The board approved merit raises for administrators. Performance ratings are determined by performance of job responsibilities and contributions to district goals, as well as progress on individual SMART goals. Ratings and merit raises are:
    • Ineffective: $0
    • Developing: $1,212
    • Proficient: $2,121
    • Accomplished: $3,029
  • The board approved 31 policy updates, mostly based on legal changes.
  • Operations Director Jeff Johnson provided an update on the Food Service program. Milford’s Food Service is unique in that it operates like a private enterprise within the school district. It serves a number of other schools, providing enhanced service and cost structure to them, while allowing Milford to keep their lunch costs at the legal minimum while “paying back” the district for all costs required to operate the program (this is extremely unusual – most food service programs cost districts money, but ours pays for all of its operations within our schools). In addition, we are able to invest in programs such as “Cooking From Scratch” which provides a higher quality food to students served by the program.
  • The track and new bleachers continue on schedule.

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