I’d like to earn your vote on Nov. 7

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December 2017 marks the end of my eighth year – and second term – as a Milford school board member. It is an honor to serve as one of your representatives to such a strong, successful school district.

I debated long about running for a third term this fall – did I still add value to the board, or is it time for me to move on?  I decided for several reasons to run one more time: 1) our relatively new administrative team is doing wonderful work, and I believe they can benefit from stability on the board; 2) we have a bond issue to finish the rest of the master plan coming up sometime in the next few years, and I’d like to see that through; and 3) there are many challenges that we will face as things change at the state and federal level, and I believe I can help communicate local public school district needs to our legislators.

Dave Yockey has also decided to run for another term, and Gary Knepp has decided to leave the board. As it turns out, only one other candidate – Chris Hamm of Union Township – stepped up to run this year. This means we have three candidates for the three open spots.

Since this is an uncontested race, I will not be “campaigning.” However, I do feel election season is a good reminder that we need to be connecting with our community. While I have worked hard to do this each and every day, throughout my two terms, I am using this campaign season to try to reach out in additional ways that are not usually available. These will include things like Vote411.org, which has provided questions for candidates to answer so voters may make informed decisions; the Enquirer Q&A; an Enquirer column (both Enquirer pieces coming soon); and Community Discussions, where other candidates and I will be available to talk with you informally.

I’d also like to remind the community about what I stand for as a school board member. It is easy for elected officials to get off track and respond in the moment or to what is expedient when making decisions. Because of that, ever since I was sworn in to the board in 2010, I have used a set of “guiding principles” that keep me focused on being the most effective school member I can be. I share these on my campaign website, as well as a summary of my background and some of the opportunities I believe we will face over the next few years.

The Milford School District is in a strong place: achievement is high, students are finding success after graduation, we are financially stable. But, as always, we must be prepared to meet the challenges ahead to ensure we stay in this fruitful place, as well as continue to grow. I hope to earn your vote on November 7th to continue my work in making Milford Schools the best they can be.

As always, feel free to contact me, andrea@andreabrady.net, with any questions.


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